The Real "Secret" Behind the Law of Attraction

The Hypnotic Mind Hacks That Put the Law of Attraction to Work for You Are Finally Here. Attract Wealth, Power and Passion Into Your Life Without Having to Study Under Some Guru For Years!

Download the Most Comprehensive Library of Hypnotic Inductions and Binaural Beats Engineered to Instantly Put the Law of Attraction to Work For You.

  • Erase Limiting Beliefs and Self Doubt
  • Create Unstoppable Confidence
  • Increase Your Productivity
  • Attract Wealth and Opportunity Into Your Life
  • Vanquish Feelings of Fear and Scarcity
  • Create the right mindset to achieve your goals and dreams

“You Can Feel The Changes Right Away”

Keep a journal and track your progress.  That’s the best way to move things forward with this program.  Hypnosis is powerful and it’s used in the media to influence us, hypnotic commands are used by cults to brain wash people.  Why not use something so powerful for good in our lives?

Richard Schiff, Buddington CT

I  lived a life of fear and failure until I learned my path forward.  Now you can learn what was revealed to me and in an instant put the Law of Attraction to Work for you.

Sanjay - Hypnotic Laws

My name is Sanjay Kumar and I imagine my life is a lot like yours.  I believe we have similar stories to tell and it all started off at a very young age. When I was a child I was taught foolish things by foolish people.

And what they taught me led to a series of foolish disasters:

  • Unfaithful girlfriends
  • An unhappy wife who replaced those unfaithful girlfriends
  • Children I took for granted
  • A home lost to creditors!

All my life I was taught to believe in fear, insecurity and scarcity. And because of this I was living a loveless, debt ridden life with a dead end job and no chance to get out. I was ready to give up.

I turned to the Gurus for help

I went to see NLP gurus, motivational gurus and just about every kind of guru you can imagine.  Nothing was working. I downloaded every ebook and course from the Internet and spent countless days at the library searching for an answer.  I learned about Magick, New Age and religions from all over the world in search of an answer to my one burning question.

I just needed to know the answer to this one question:

“How can I really change my situation once and for all?”

I asked this question over and over and never got the answer.  I was always frustrated and couldn’t get into the right mindset that was needed to make the Law of Attraction work to my benefit.  That’s when I had the “revelation” and my own personal miracle happened.   I soon realized things would never be the same again.

So what was my revelation?  It was that change doesn’t happen through struggle and self-blame.  It also doesn’t happen from the surface of conscious thought but much deeper than our conscious mind and conscious thought go. Real change happens at an unconscious level.  This is why so many people struggle for so long with no results.  If you want to see different results in your life it’s time to try something new.

The human mind mind is like computer software.  And just like you can change any software program with the source code you can reprogram your mind by adjusting and changing your beliefs and decision making at an unconscious level.  But you have to  let it happen naturally, effortlessly and subconsciously.

I’ve learned that if you want to be effective at change you also have to integrate a variety of tools and technologies (NLP based hypnosis, binaural beats, goal setting)  into one holistic system.  Hypnosis on it’s own isn’t enough and neither is brain wave entrainment.  You need the right kind of hypnosis with the right entrainment audios to amplify the effects and prime the mind for change.  Only when you have an ‘integrated’ system can you have something that’s effective at changing who you are.

The Hypnotic Laws is this “integrated system”.

Science Has Proven the Power of Hypnosis and Binaural Beats But Who Would Ever Have Thought It Could Be Used To Do This?

For many decades scientists within the US and Europe have shown time and time again that hypnosis can be used to do some pretty amazing things:

  • Control pain (pregnant women giving birth under hypnosis without medication, people undergoing invasive surgery without medication).  The phenomenon is called “Hypnobirthing”.
  • Cure life long phobias (fear of flying, fear of open spaces, fear of closed spaces)
  • Eliminate social anxiety
  • Solve life long addictions (smoking, over eating, compulsive and destructive behaviors)
  • End depression and in some cases even bi-polar disorder!

Why not use it to erase your limiting beliefs, feelings of scarcity and fear ?

Ask yourself these questions right now:

  • If hypnosis is powerful enough to convince a women during childbirth that she’s not experiencing pain what can it do for your mindset?
  • What if could it create radical changes in the very core of who we are and how we see ourselves?
  • What if the “experts” were only scratching the surface of how powerful hypnosis can be?
  • What if all the experts and gurus were not using these techniques to really improve the quality of our lives?

More importantly…can we use hypnosis and audio entrainment to radically alter our reality?

Hypnotic Binaural Beats

Hypnotic Binaural Beats

I know you’ve searched far and wide to find the right system of tools and techniques to put the Law of Attraction to work for you. What makes the Hypnotic Laws different than others?  Can any other hypnosis and binaural beats program claim the following?

The Hypnotic Laws Advantage

We’ve worked with the very best to produce high quality hypnotic inductions and  and binaural beats so our members have a powerful bliss inducing auditory experience.

Each recording comes as a downloadable MP3 which can easily be loaded onto your iPod or MP3 player.


  • Hypnotic Inductions:  Ericksonian style hypnotic inductions rich with metaphor and embedded NLP commands.  We’ve tested and designed the most powerful hypnotic inductions for you.
  • Entrainment Tracks:   Isochronic tones starting at 2 hz (Bridge Frequency), deepening to 7.5hz (Relaxation – Spiritual Awareness) and ramping down to 6 hz for creative visualization before ramping up again to 10 hz (High Alpha – Feeling of bliss) and back to 12hz to close the session.
  • Relaxation Tracks:   We’ve recorded isochronic tones starting at 13 hz (Full Awareness State) and quickly deepening to 10hz (High Alpha – Relaxation) to shock-induce a relaxed meditative state that lasts until the end of the session.
  • Affirmation Tracks:  We’ve recorded dual isochronic Tones starting at 13 hz (Full Awareness State) reaching down to 10 hz (High Alpha) before ramping down again to 8 hz (Deep Alpha) for the rest of the session. Triggers an highly suggestive state perfected for combined use with Hypnotic Affirmations.
  • In addition to our course materials in Module 1 you have access to over 4 hours of life changing audio!

I know the system works because its the same system I use in my own life.

The first time I used it I didn’t believe it was possible.  I was able to put myself into a trance and immediately reprogram how I feel about myself.  More confidence, more persuasion, more power over others – all this and more was within my reach!

Don’t believe you can be hypnotized?  You haven’t tried the Hypnotic Laws then.

My transformation didn’t happen overnight but it did begin very quickly.  I felt my fears and anxiety subsiding in life.  I had more clarity, focus and purpose and knew not only what I wanted but the confidence to go after it.  Within the coming weeks and months everything about my life had started to change.

In the past few years the changes have been even more pronounced in my life.  I’m not promising you an overnight miracle but I strongly believe that hypnosis and brain wave entrainment played a huge part in the evolution of my mindset.

What’s happened in my own life?

  • A New Six figure job.
  • Less anxiety at home with family and with friends.
  • Increased confidence at work.
  • My marriage is filled with passion and joy again. Largely because I’ve learned to be more grateful.

Even if you decide not to buy the Hypnotic Laws I want you to understand something very important.

It’s not your fault that the Law of Attraction hasn’t worked for you.

Look, I’m not saying that you should not take responsibility for your actions but our lives and experiences program us to be a certain way.  We grow up with parents who doubt us,  friends who use us and live in a society that undervalues us.  We’re all plagued with insecurities, fears and self-doubt and it’s not easy to overcome them.  The more self defeating and negative our mindset the more problems we have in life.

It’s impossible for you to overcome these limitations if you only address them from the outside in (finding a guru, self help seminars, goal setting etc.).  The only way to really change is to “erase the subconscious sabotage”.  This programming that’s been written into the very neurology of your minds can be undone if you approach it at the unconscious level through hypnosis and audio entrainment.

Forgive my bluntness, but the fact that you’re on this page now tells me that you’re on the journey and maybe even on the right path but still not there yet.

I don’t want to waste your time and bore you with a long sales letter.

So let’s get down to the point shall we?

I KNOW how to solve your problem because I was in your position before.

I was very frustrated back then as I could not find a PRACTICAL and REALISTIC solution.  I was never into wishful thinking or “self-improvement” cheerleaders.  I needed knowledge and information that I could use right away.

And that’s where the Hypnotic Laws comes in.

For too many years your mind has been programmed the wrong way and simply wishing this harsh truth away won’t work.  

The Hypnotic Laws is designed to address this very specific problem.

It was made with you in mind by people who have been exactly where you are right now.  That’s what I meant when I said earlier that when I was a child I was taught foolish things.  I was trained to feel like I was something less than those around me and this painfully self limiting belief led to much suffering in my life.

I eventually grow up and find my way into “the World” but I still suffered from:

  • Crippling Fear – Fear that paralyzed me from taking action.  Fear that weakened me in front of my friends and family.
  • A Mindset of Scarcity – The belief that my situation defined me.  The belief that a recession would prevent me from prosperity (never mind the facts that recessions produce new business, new technology and new millionaires all the time).
  • Anger – Anger that resulted from fear.  Anger that blinded me at times and led me to neglect those around me that truly mattered.  Anger that blinded me to the blessings already bestowed upon me.

I’m not going to bore you with all the details of my past life.  I’m sure it’s no different then the conflicts and struggles you’ve faced before.

You don’t have to be a victim of your upbringing.   You don’t have to be a prisoner of all the bad beliefs that hide deep within your mind.

You can learn to stop struggling yourself.

You can learn to stop fighting against everyone in your life.

You can learn to truly to just let go.

It’s not going to get better until you stop blaming your self.  When you’re done faulting yourself you’ll be able to finally  move on and make some real progress.  The best thing is you can let this change happen to your mindset and beliefs literally while you sleep, unwind and relax.

What Makes this Different and Why Should You Listen to Me?

If you want something to change in your life you’re not going to achieve it by doing the same old things.  Your typical hypnosis program doesn’t take into account NLP (Neuro-linguistic programming) in the induction langauge and it doesn’t come with brain wave entrainment audios that compliment its message.

The Hypnotic Laws does all of this and creates an integrated experience.

Each of the modules in the Hypnotic Laws groups together brain wave entrainment programs that compliment the hypnotic inductions.  Each of the inductions that induce a deep trance state  that aligns with the entrainment audios.

15 Minutes to Deep Zen

15 Minutes to Deep Zen

Just spend 15-30 minutes a day listening to the Hypnotic Laws and watch the changes unfold before you.

What’s In the Program?



Module 1: Inside the Hypnotic Laws

This module is the very framework of the Hypnotic Laws. The first module of the course walks through user guides for hypnotic induction, the proper use of the Law of Attraction, Brain Wave Entrainment audios and gives you a personal transformation plan.

Use the transformation plan to help construct the life you always dreamed of.

  • The Hypnotic Code – Understanding the science and power of hypnosis.  The Hypnotic Code lays down the very framework of the Hypnotic Laws.
  • The Brain Wave Entrainment Code – Like it’s sister guide “the Hypnotic Code” this detailed guide explains the science and power of brain wave entrainment programming.
  • Revealing the Real Law of Attraction – If you’ve ever struggled to grasp the real “Secret” behind the Law of Attraction look no further than this guide.
  • Personal Transformation Plan – Actionable advice on how to really change yourself for the better.
Module 2: Wealth Attraction Mastery

With the introduction complete and you transformation plan moving along the Hypnotic Law immerses you into a surreal yet powerful collection of hypnotic inductions and brain wave entrainment audios. The change we need can be as effortless and taking a breath into our lungs.

  • Millionaire Mind Secrets – 3 unique high quality brain wave entrainment audio tracks designed to attune your psychology to the attraction of wealth.
  • Manifestation of Dreams – Enter a deep, relaxing and positive hypnotic state with these  audio tracks that eliminate fear and self sabotage.
  • Hypnotic Wealth Attraction – A powerful hypnotic induction audio which will place you into a deep and relaxing trance.
  • Private Wealth Mastery – 3 unique high quality brain wave entrainment audios designed to help you manage your newly found wealth.
Module 3: Persuasion Secrets and Social Radiance

Persuasion Secrets and Social Radiance focuses on the skills needed to not only become more influential (and persuasive) but do it in a charismatic and subconscious manner.  There are people we meet in life that everyone just naturally gravitates too.  The hypnotic inductions and brain wave entrainment audios here are custom tailored to bring out these innate traits in all of us.

  • Zen Inner Peace  - Perhaps the most powerful and deep hypnotic induction audio in the system.  This particular track is designed to eliminate social anxiety and will leave you with unstoppable confidence.
  • The Alpha Life – 3 unique high quality brain wave entrainment tracks that increase the power of persuasion that lives inside us all.
  • Social Radiance – 3 unique high quality brain wave entrainment tracks that create a magnetic and charismatic personality.  Be the life of the party!
  • Unstoppable Confidence – The perfect compliment to the Relaxation Code this hypnotic induction replaces the social anxiety and fears we’ve been erasing with a strong sense of self worth and confidence.
  • Attraction of Love – Another powerful hypnotic induction audio designed to bring companionship (love not only from the opposite sex but also from friends and family) into your life.
Module 4: The Hypnotic Laws Ezine

The game is changing and you’ll either keep up or be left behind in the dust.  The Hypnotic Laws is more than just a course it’s a lifetime membership to our Ezine.  As our member, you’ll receive the latest information on personal transformation technology.

  • Free course revisions and updates.  As a valued member of our community and owner of our flagship product we’ll always provide you with the most up to date information possible.
  • Inspiring quotes and lessons sent to your inbox for as long as you desire
  • High quality reports, honest and straight forward product reviews and discount pricing on all future products.
  • Information on the latest Webinars in the personal development industry.

 All of This is Backed With Our No Questions Asked 60 Day Money Back Guaranty


“Seriously Over Delivered”

I don’t know why the Hypnotic Laws  doesn’t cost more.  It’s just hours and hours of useful content and excellent guides and reading.  CentrePoint and other products would cost over a $100.  I still haven’t gone through it all but am just so happy to have access to everything they have to offer.

Kelly Smith, Bethesda MD


The Hypnotic Laws is not another overpriced personal development product that will cost you hundreds of dollars.  Other programs out there can cost up to $497 and they don’t come with  our lifetime membership and unconditional money back guaranty.

We operate an ethical business and if we’re not helping you in a meaningful way you get your money back.  We offer every customer a 60 day no questions asked money back guaranty.

And if the 60 day money back guaranty isn’t enough to put you at ease we can even start you off with a $1 trial  that runs for 7 days so you can view the course yourself while you make up your mind.

Again, no risk to you!

I firmly believe that in the coming weeks you’ll notice some amazing changes by following our program and becoming a member of our community.  You’ll get immediate access to the Hypnotic Laws course regardless of what time of day it is!  You can start the program in less than 30 seconds!

Recession Proof Your Life Right Now with the Hypnotic Laws

What I’ve learned in the past few years in my own life are that there are laws of the universe that once understood will quickly and effortlessly wield total control over every aspect of our lives.  But these laws cannot simply be read in a book or absorbed by observation.  We are facing an economic winter.  It’s happened so many times in the past – but what the media, gurus and experts never tell us about these difficult times is how the rebirth begins.

More importantly – who starts that rebirth?

The “experts” have been calling this time of distress “The Great Recession” and the media continues to beat the drum about failure, doom and gloom.  But what they never talk about in the media is that times of economic hardship are also when new businesses are built, new leaders are made and most importantly of all new wealth is created.

The people who never succeeded before are now finally getting their chance!

And if you open yourself to change, real radical and fundamental change you can start to attract this better life right now.  The Hypnotic Laws re-engineers reality by re-engineering your psychology.

With the right psychology and mindset anything and everything you imagine becomes possible.

  • Become an expert in everything you set your mind to.
  • Become effortlessly motivated
  • Highly focused
  • Unstoppable at what you set your mind to

Ok – I Understand the Benefits But Can’t This Stuff Be Dangerous To My Health?

Yes it can be dangerous (how’s that for honesty in advertising?)

Hypnosis, brain wave entrainment and the teachings contained within the Hypnotic Laws are in fact dangerous and must be used with the utmost responsibility.  My friend (Martin) who introduced me to all this would tell me that in England doctors have used hypnosis to control how pregnant women feel about pain during childbirth.   Let’s face it – medical science has shown that time and time again that hypnosis can be used to implement radical changes in people.

The same is true with brain wave entrainment technology employed within the program.  We are inducing new mental states with brain wave entrainment but only in a positive and beneficial manner!

This stuff is not for everybody!  

If you’re not serious about following the program and letting real changes enter into your life then this is not for you.

I use the technology and teachings in the Hypnotic Laws to direct your mind into better and more positive directions.

The only real downside I can think of to using the Hypnotic Laws is that it requires your time every day.  And if you’re someone who can’t invest 15-30mins a day to redirect and reshape your psychology then you’re not ready to make any changes in your life anyway.

And There is Just One Catch:  My Secrets Have to Stay With You.

Your membership is just for you.  You pay once and get lifetime access and we will be mailing you powerful new materials for life.  There’s no other way to get access to the Hypnotic Laws course but through this website and we need you to keep what’s in the member’s only area for our member’s only!

I don’t want this program to become common knowledge and “out there” all over the Internet.

Honestly, I’m quite content with the way things are in my life and just want to share this with a few other kindred spirits who are ready to take a step in the right direction.

You can order the system and get the program within the next 30 seconds.  And the cool part is you can take the course with you:

  • Use it on your computer
  • Use it on mobile devices like the iPhone & Android.
  • The audio is high quality and can easily be burned to CDs.
  • The PDFs are easy to read on mobile device readers (iPad, Kindle).

Access this Amazing Training Within Just 30 Seconds and Change Your Life Today

These Hypnotic Mind Hacks Can “Fix” the Law of Attraction But These Methods Are Unconventional and Will Certainly Infuriate the “Experts”.

It’s one of those strange things about life.

Often times the techniques and technologies that work can are overlooked by experts and professionals alike.  These programs are not your typical hypnosis and brain wave entrainment recordings.  I’m sure you’ll find a lot of skeptics and non-believers but it’s their loss and your benefit.  Most people aren’t smart enough to know a good thing when it’s right there in front of them.

This program has been designed from the ground up to improve your psychology.  To help you accept yourself, be at peace and gain inner calm and focus.  If you’re like me you know that at times you can be your own worst enemy.   We struggle against ourselves to change but really that struggle is one that we can’t win at the “conscious” level.

We need to go deeper than that and let the change happen in a more natural way.

I truly believe with all my heart in the following and if you give it a chance you might also learn that:

  • We can’t change by struggling.
  • We can’t change by fighting against ourselves.
  • We can’t change by denying our instincts.
  • We can’t change by blaming ourselves.
  • The change we need has to happen beneath the surface of our own conscience.
  • The change we need can happen within our minds through hypnosis and powerful brain wave entrainment tracks.

If you let it happen with our program I believe it can come to you effortlessly and naturally in the way it was meant to happen.

You can see the changes yourself, risk free by following this link: