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Use these copy and paste resources to earn commissions through the Hypnotic Laws affiliate program.  If you haven’t signed up as affiliate yet go register for an affiliate account now.

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Pricing and Commission

Here’s what you could make based on the commission structure.

  • 1 sale @ 75% X $47 = $35.25
  • 2 sales @ 75% X $47 = $70.5
  • 5 sales @ 75% X $47 = $176.25
  • 10 sales @ 75% X $47 = $352.5

Your Affiliate Links

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You can also set your affiliate cookie by directing them to our opt-in pages, articles and free trial offer.  Just download the following XLS to see what other landing pages are available:

  • Direct people to free content on the site (blog posts, articles on personal development)
  • Direct people into an opt-in landing page (we preserve your cookie in Aweber)
  • Direct people even to the Facebook fan page and set your ClickBank cookie

Download This Spreadsheet – the most valuable affiliate tool we offer you is right here!!!!

We’re running a PHP redirect script to accomplish this.  If you have ideas on additional pages to include just drop me a line and we’re more than happy to update the script.  The point of doing this is that it makes it easy for your to email your list with content (just tell them you found a great article, or Facebook Fanpage) and set your affiliate cookie.

Email Swipes (coming soon!)

Use these emails to contact your audience and send visitors through your Hypnotic Laws affiliate links. You’ll get the best results if you add these emails to your autoresponder sequence. If you don’t have an autoresponder sequence then you can sign up for an account with Aweber.

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Banner 5: (Size = 125x125)

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Banner 10: (Size = 723x341)

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Banner 11: (Size = 798x90)

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Forum Marketing

If you want to market on forums this an EXCELLENT niche.  The forums are generous with the use of .signature files and are generally just a great place to hangout.  That’s one of the benefits of marketing into the personal development niche – you surround yourself with a positive and upbeat environment!  Here is a list of personal development/law of attraction and new age forums:

Parapsychology and alternative medicine forums of

Soul Development

Parapsychology and alternative medicine forums of

totallyawesomepeople : Awesome People

Spiritual Forums – Spirituality, Metaphysical, Paranormal and Religious Discussion Forums

Official Astral Dynamics – Robert Bruce’s Astral Dynamics


New Age

Authentic Response – Law of Attraction, Akashic Records, Personal Transformation, Practical Spirituality, Healthy Relationships – Denver/Boulder Colorado

Halfway – Index

Niche Sites In Personal Development

The following is a list of new age, personal development blogs, forums, social networks etc. – depending on the site you can coordinate a solo ad, PPC ad, guest blog or whatever else you can think of back to your personal development blog/affiliate site.


Facebook Fanpages PPC

With Facebook I strongly suggest you create your own Fanpage in the personal development niche.

The goal of your Fanpage is to:

▪   Put people onto your mailing list.

▪   Get fans and then promote products to them.

I can tell you right now that a direct linking campaign with Facebook is possible but because this is “law of attraction” they will more than likely look down upon it. Some strategies for promoting us with Facebook would be to setup your Facebook Fanpage in one of the following areas:

▪   General Personal Development (think Bob Proctor, Tony Robbins, Jim Rohn)

▪   Hypnosis Fanpages

▪   Binaural Beats Fanpages

▪   New Age Fanpages

I used precise interests to target this niche:

#binaural beats, #Esther Hicks, #Hypnosis, #Hypnotherapy, #Jack Canfield, #Jim Rohn, #John Grinder, #Law of Attraction,
#Magic (paranormal), #Napoleon Hill, #Neopaganism, #Neuro-linguistic programming, #Richard Bandler,
#The Secret (2006 film), #The Secret (book), #Think and Grow Rich, #Wicca, #Witchcraft, accelerated manifesting,
manifesting law attraction or secret

Here’s the exact text I’ve used to grab people’s attention and pull them onto my mailing list – this copy will work nicely to pull them into your Personal Development Fanpage.


Hypnotic Laws Affiliate News and Updates

Make sure you register for the Hypnotic Laws Affiliate Program news and updates so you can make more sales when we announce:

  • New sales, discounts, and promotions
  • Contests with great prizes
  • New tools, tips, and ideas

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