My Mind Movies Experience Revealed

Mind Movies

Mind Movies is a personal development tool that runs on your computer and helps you with visualization.

It supports both Windows and Mac and for a one time fee you can get lifetime access to the software, training seminars and the Mind Movies newsletter.

Once you’ve signed up you’re given a login and password to the Mind Movies web portal where you have access to a rich multimedia library of pictures, audios and video clips you can use to literally drag and drop and create your own movie with.

The media library available online is very comprehensive and you have options to do Internet searches to pull in content.   It might sound technical or complicated but it’s designed so that anyone who can use a web browser can now create and edit their own movie (actually – you can go so far as to publish that movie directly to YouTube if you want to make it public!).

Given the mountains of scientific literature that supports the power of visualization exercises I was intrigued that someone had developed software to automate and modernize the visualization process.  I had actually thought about writing my own visualization tool similar to what Mind Movies is.  After experimenting with Mind Movies I decided that I don’t need to do that.

My favorite part about Mind Movies is that the visuals can be played on demand and even (this is the REALLY cool part) in a subliminal manner running on your PC/Laptop all day long in the background.

This is (in my opinion) a very well written application.  It runs quickly, creates movies easily and has not crashed, timed out or been problematic.  More importantly it’s intuitive and easy to use.  Even a technophobe can get through the process.

Who’s Behind It?

Natalie Ledwell & Ryan Higgins.  From what I can tell though, Natalie is at the forefront and handles most of the marketing for the company.  The company has been around for several years and you can actually see quite a few promotional videos with Natalie & Ryan in them.

This sort of transparency in the company reassured me that I wasn’t about to buy something from a fly by night operation.

What’s the Value?

Visualization is the most powerful personal development technique available to us.  It’s advocated by everyone from Tony Robbins to Bob Proctor.  Not only do personal development experts recommend visualization but scientists have published study after study that show that focused visualization will enable you to change limiting beliefs, accomplish tasks you thought were impossible, improve your health, well being, confidence and skills.

Visualization is a technique employed by pro golfers, basketball players and used by psychologists all around the world to help clients overcome debilitating fears and handicaps. But visualization isn’t always as easy or intuitive as it sounds to be.  Mind Movies makes it point and click simple.

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What are the Negatives?

There are two possible issues here:

  • The price, currently the software is running for $97.   However,  – the site lists the software for $197 but it’s still $97.  I assume this is a clerical/typographic goof up more than anything else.
  • Law of Attraction – I’m a big believer in the Law of Attraction but I know there are a lot of people who just don’t believe it.  They can still benefit from visualization techniques but will probably be put off b some of the webinars and personal development content provided by Natalie and Co.

Are There Discounts or Trial Offer Available?

Mind Movies does come with a money back guaranty and you can download six free mind movies off their main page or try out the whole program for just $1 right here:

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