My Quantum Jumping Experience

My experience with Burt Goldman’s Quantum Jumping program might surprise you.  Did I jump across the Universe and meet an alternative me?  Or is the program all hype and no content?

I’ve seen this program advertised all over the Internet for several years now.  It seems that just about any personal development or New Age blog has run these ads that say “Jump into a New Life”.  I’ve been curious about the program and the man behind it so I went ahead and subscribed to his “free online access” portion after attending a few courses with the creator (Burt Goldman) I went ahead and purchased the program.

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It was not what I expected it to be – but after being in the free training I realized that my preconceptions about Burt and Quantum Jumping were off.  I consider myself to be a pretty open minded person.  I meditate a few times a week, have been to personal development workshops and have friends who come from all walks of life (Christian, Jewish, Hindu, Atheist, New Age etc.).  But this program just seemed to be absurd on it’s face and yet I was drawn in by just how crazy the idea of “jumping into new realities” is.

Then I joined the Facebook fanpage for Quantum Jumping and started emailing back and forth with some of the “Quantum Jumpers”.  What I found were a lot of like minded people like myself.  People who were very open minded and willing to try new things but definitely not childish or naive about the way the Universe works.

At a superficial glance Quantum Jumping may look to be far fetched and unattainable.  If you have cynical beliefs about the power of visualization, meditation and mind power in general then Quantum Jumping will be absolutely impossible for you to believe.  However, if you are open to the idea that the life you want begins with the thoughts you create then Quantum Jumping becomes something entirely different.

Quantum Jumping  becomes a tool or an instructional blueprint, to create the life you want.

What I’ve learned is that Quantum Jumping does talk a good bit about what’s commonly understood by a lot of Physicists.  Yes, the Universe is infinite and in order for it to be infinite there needs to be an infinite different versions of ourselves, our world, our friends and everything in our reality.

It takes infinity to have infinity (for lack of a better way of saying it).  This means that in another Universe there is another version of you that might be doing something you want to do or even a “You” that is living an awful life.  One far worse than your own.

At it’s heart Quantum Jumping is a personal development program that teaches a very unique visualization method and some rather advanced meditation techniques I believe are rooted in the teachings of Jose Silva (Silva created the world renowned ‘Sylva Method’ for meditation).  In my opinion, it’s quite a bargain as the Silva courses can run hundreds of dollars and while they are quite useful they don’t necessarily touch on the visualization techniques Burt Goldman teaches in QJ.

The visualization technique is based on the writings of Napoleon Hill’s classic text – Think & Grow Rich. Hill had written of a visualization technique known as the “Invisible Counselors” where he walks the reader through a very a specific visualization exercise where they visualize meeting a great mentor.  The mentor provides them with insights into life and helps them to solve problems they are facing.

Without you delving into the program itself it’s hard to explain just how powerful Burt’s take on this technique is.  Burt’s worked in the fields of NLP, Hypnosis and advanced meditation techniques for decades.  He’s worked with Silva and other experts and taught these techniques across the world.

What are the Negatives?

Everything in life is relative and this is no different.  When you compare Quantum Jumping to equivalent programs it’s roughly 50% the cost and in some cases even 70% the cost.  Alternative programs can run you hundreds if not thousands of dollars and the “all digital” version of QJ is only $97.  Still, $97 for many is quite a bit of money.   I think the negatives for QJ are present if you are any of the following:

  • Looking for Style & Splash – Let’s face it.  If you’re impressed with flashy, stylish over the top “gurus” Burt is not your man.  He’s 85yrs old, quite soft spoken and his approach is much more down to earth.  Learning from Burt is quite different than attending a Tony Robbin’s seminar.
  • 1-1 Coaching – Given the size of the QJ community (85,000 Facebook fans and counting, tens of thousands of customers etc.) it’s unlikely you will get customized 1 on 1 time with Burt.  He prefers to teach over the Internet to reach a wider audience.  If 1-1 coaching is what you’re looking this isn’t the course for you.

Does it Work?

Yes – it absolutely works and nowhere is it more evident than in the life of Burt Goldman itself.  Burt employed the QJ technique to teach himself how to become a painter.  Painting and art in general are a specialty skill that have always troubled Burt.  He employed the QJ technique to learn painting and within a few weeks was producing works which are quite impressive.  Click here to see Burt’s paintings for yourself.

In my opinion, Burt’s managed to put together some beautiful paintings and his work is now being shown in art houses and museums world wide.  It’s quite an accomplishment for someone who until recently had no past experience as an artist and started painting in his 80′s!

And let’s not forget that Burt is now 85yrs old.  Burt’s age, vitality and passion for teaching is really inspiring to watch and I hope as I grow older I’ll remain as dynamic as he is and focus on learning new skills and crafts as he is doing.  By the way, if you are even the slightest bit curious to see what Burt’s artwork looks like you can check it out here on the main Quantum Jumping website:

Who Else is Behind The Program?

It’s published by Mindvalley which produces quite a few good products (Silva Mind Method – one of the best meditation programs around and Ohmharmonics – which is an excellent binaural beats program for meditation).

You’ll find a lot of promotional content not only from Burt Goldman but also from Vishen Lakshani who is the creator of Mindvalley.  The transparency of who is behind this is refreshing to see.

What Do Really You Get With It? 

To save money I opted for the digital only version of Quantum Jumping.  Purchasing gave me access to the following modules

  • 9 CD Modules with content
  • A Workbook
  • Creativity Flowing Exercise

The 9 CD module is the core of the course.  It contains lessons from Burt on how to perform our first “Jump”.  Since I purchased the Silver edition (digital download only) I didn’t receive any of this in hard printed DVD’s, CD’s but all as MP3 downloads, Videos and PDF’s.

How Do I Get Started?

To get access to free online training just click here.

>> Click Here To Get  Quantum Jumping Training <<

To try out the product itself click here.

>> Click Here To Visit the Quantum Jumping Website <<


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